Ruby KDialog Ruby KDialog
A wrapper for KDE kdialog

# Ruby KDialog release 0.3

Ruby KDialog release 0.3 by Ed Hames

This new release of KDialog comes with a more complete example and a little change in the selection value. Now the Yes/No/Cancel dialogs return true, false or nil (thanks to Gabriele Renzi for this suggestion).

Get it now and put more fun into you Ruby scripts.

Last update on November 08, 2004 00:30

# Ruby KDialog page is up and running!

Ruby KDialog page is up and running! by Ed Hames

Thanks for visiting Ruby Kdialog webpage. After the second release of Ruby KDialog, I have finally had time to type some HTML and set up this webpage.

In the next days, you will find a tutorial for adding a GUI to Ruby scripts. Come back soon!

Visit the project page in RubyForge

Last update on November 07, 2004 21:00